Retail Roof & restaurant roofing

A retail roof or restaurant roof can bring challenges to commercial roofing. The wear and tear on a retail roof or restaurant roof varies depending on the business. For example, this can include grease buildup on restaurant roofs or improperly repaired and damaged retail roofs. You can rest assured knowing that the team at Trinity Construction has experience with all kinds of roof issues. However, our professionals are equipped to install new roofing and provide maintenance.

At Trinity Construction, we use high-quality products like thermoplastic, modified bitumen, metal, acrylic, fiberglass, and more. Our goal is to build and install roofing to withstand the Denver weather and normal wear and tear.

Our work and business ethic mean that we treat people how we want to be treated—fairly and honestly.

Retail spaces and restaurants can't afford downtime for leaky roofs or damaged inventory. As a result, our team is ready to talk with you about how we can help. Our products, our people and our work reflect the commitment we have to quality and integrity in everything we do.

Contact us to see how we can help with your next project to install or repair your retail roof or restaurant roof.

From grease build up on restaurant roofs, to improperly repaired or damaged retail roofs, the team at Trinity Construction has seen it all.
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