Government COnstruction Contractor

Trinity Construction is an experienced government construction contractor. For instance, we have designed and built new roofing systems for large and small government projects.

In addition, some of our projects include government offices, special use facilities, hospitals, educational facilities, and multi-family units. When it comes to government construction contracts for commercial roofing, the design and construction services we provide are a one-stop-shop.

Furthermore, we use high-quality commercial roofing materials. The materials we use include thermoplastic, modified bitumen, metal, and acrylic. Additionally, we use fiberglass, wood shingle, slate, tiles, copper, and concrete. However, the materials used depend on the plans for each facility. Lastly, we work hard to keep every project on budget and to meet every deadline.

When it comes to government construction contracts, our goal remains the same for our industrial and commercial projects. Above all, we do quality work, on time, on budget. And as with everything we take on, with integrity.

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When it comes to Government Commercial Roofing contracts, the design and construction services we provide are a one-stop-shop for our clients.
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